Why use MES?

MES solves some of the toughest challenges in today's regulated manufacturing environment:



Ensure product is built right the first time:
• The right  material
• The right machines
• The right people
• The right route
• The right workflow




Electronically document a complete history of build, for compliance or otherwise:
• End to end product Tracking and Genealogy
• Automate Device History Records (eDHR)
• Supply chain quality tracking


Where we help our customers

What are the means to help solve these challenges?

1) Manage product Tracking, Routing and Genealogy
2) Automate Unit History Records
3) Deliver digital Work Instructions to operators
4) Eliminate paper with Digital Travelers
5) Serialization generation, and tracking
6) Enforce quality processes
7) Provide real-time visibility across all aspects of manufacturing and repair