Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is already transforming the way it was employed in manufacturing

Combining the power of Industrial Automation and Information Technology, Automation Excellence provides a unique combination of Solutions for Manufacturing Industry.

We provide the best in breed End to End Automation Solutions to manufacturing plants in various industrial sectors. 

Starting from the base level of Automation, we offer Complete breadth and scale of Automation services, Solutions, and Software building blocks needed in manufacture.


We enable Sensors and control mechanisms to be embedded into most of these industries’ shop-floor machinery with increasing connectivity with management, execution, logistics and ERP systems.

As a result, manufacturers have unprecedented visibility into the factory production process. Because they can identify and predict performance bottlenecks, they can improve compliance, boost availability, and minimize waste. They can also pilot new processes more effectively. And they can make smarter decisions about how to manage a significantly more connected and collaborative workforce.

We serve all industries with our bouquet of Automation products, Information Solutions, Software services and Support